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We, the Iconoclasts
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Iconoclast (i kon'e klast) n. 1. An image breaker. 2. One of certain religious parties devoted to the destruction of images that were venerated or worshiped. 3. One of who assails traditional beliefs.

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This is a community to cater to the whims of others whether it be through posting tutorials, icon/graphic requests, or your own resources, such as brushes, textures, or gradients.


Community members are free to:

- post requests for icons, Friends Only banners, headers, wallpapers, or other graphics.

- post tutorials, or link members to tutorials you find interesting. (with author's permission!)

- post original brushes, gradients, textures, or image packs.



- place previews over 300x300 under a cut. Think of your fellow dial-up users.

- be nice when requesting/fulfilling a request. Keep everything civil. Be prompt. Don't say you'll make an icon and come back 3 weeks later.

- tell us what program you're using in the subject line for tutorials.

- keep community pimping to once per person per week.


- TyPe lIKe THis! It's annoying and difficult to read. No netspeak either. (ie: duz ne1 no how to make iconz?! plz help!) Grammar and spelling are becoming lost arts... don't help kill them.

- flame or fight... they're very simple ways to get your butt banned. Please don't do it. This is not a community to air grievances.

- post icons. Reply to the original post when posting requested icons. This is not an icon-sharing community. It's for tutorials, resources, and requests.

- post a hundred tutorials on how to get a certain coloring.

- delete or strike through your posts.

- post numerous posts. One post per person, per day.

More to come... and are subject to change at any time.

Please! Always give credit to the icon maker in keywords unless otherwise stated. Thank you.

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