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by sarah (serrrr)
at July 17th, 2004 (11:38 pm)

I feel: crazy

I'm looking for some Fred/wesley icons. They can be cute or angsty or watever. They're my fav 'ship. If you have ne or you would be willing to make me ne just let me know!

Am [userpic]
Icon request
by Am (amproof)
at June 23rd, 2004 (08:39 am)


could you add the text "look to the rainbow"

2 icons. one with just that, and the second animated with one base frame and one frame with text.


Am :)

Death Has Never Looked So Good [userpic]
Icon Request
by Death Has Never Looked So Good (koshkaphoenix)
at May 22nd, 2004 (06:19 pm)

I feel: hopeful

Just in case because it's spoileryCollapse )

Thanks so much.

icon request
by sarah (serrrr)
at May 18th, 2004 (03:05 pm)

I had this idea for an animated icon and I was wondering if someone could make it for me. Ok here's my idea.
A closeup of Doyle's face
then it fades to a pic of cordy's face
then it changes to a pic of Fred's face
And then a black square with the words "only the good die young"
or something like that.
If anyone could do it, please let me know!

When all else fails crowbar the fucker. [userpic]
oooo First Postings...
by When all else fails crowbar the fucker. (caersmane)
at May 11th, 2004 (09:39 pm)

I feel: artistic
listening to: 24 on tv / oakenfold on the comp

Okay, so I haven't been making icons for long, although I have been watching to see how it's done. Here are the ones I have made, credit given where due, hope you enjoy.



Candis [userpic]
by Candis (plaball)
at May 2nd, 2004 (02:56 pm)

I feel: calm
listening to: Something Corporate - When It Goes Down

Hello. I'm new (found this community through sinecure's user info), and I have an icon request. I was wondering if you could take the picture below and make an icon out of it. I tried making it on my own, but since I have terrible icon making skills, I thought I'd try asking someone. I want their faces in the icon with the text saying "too cool for you". And I'd be very, very appreciative. Thanks. :o)

Here's the pictureCollapse )

Am [userpic]
avatar request
by Am (amproof)
at April 4th, 2004 (04:43 pm)

I'm back!

Could one of you make an avatar using these pictures. They have watermarks. Can those be removed? Or worked around?

Thanks for the ridiculous amount of work this is going to take.

picturesCollapse )

Am [userpic]
2 requests
by Am (amproof)
at February 11th, 2004 (03:27 pm)

I feel: dirty
listening to: Rub it in, Billy 'Crash' Craddock

I have a new request, and I'm reposting an old one so it doesn't get lost.

1. Old one is here.

2. New one. This picture.

Crop however you need to get Hugh and the Camel in the same frame. Can you lighten/blur the background so they stand out more? Text: My fandom is a Sham.


Am :)

Am [userpic]
Icon request.
by Am (amproof)
at February 8th, 2004 (01:18 am)
listening to: Lullaby of Broadway--Bette Midler

A Paula Abdul requests for a friend w/ a dreadful icon (meaning his LJ icon, not Paula. She's not dreadful. Also, not an icon, though some may disagree. Anyway.)

Screen 1. http://ftp.se.kde.org/pub/pictures/music/Paula.Abdul/pa-silvr.jpg

Text: Straight up now tell me,

Screen 2. http://ftp.se.kde.org/pub/pictures/music/Paula.Abdul/pa-soaks.jpg

Text: Are you gonna love her forever?

Irda Majere [userpic]
by Irda Majere (irda)
at February 4th, 2004 (05:44 am)

I feel: artistic

New icons up at crazy_perfume

Here are some samples. To see the rest, please add crazy_perfume to your friends list and I'll friend you back. I do this to keep track of where my icons are going. :)